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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Contemplative Musings

Touchstone Litany

To the Creation I live within; to the creation that lives in me       
Open My heart
To the rhythm of tides and seasons; to the rhythm of my own blood   
Open my heart
To the footsteps before mine in the sand, of peoples and creatures
To the footsteps after mine in the sand, of peoples and creatures   
Open my heart                                                                  
To those who will be born today; and to those who will die today
To Life waves rippling –ringing outward onto the future
Immeasurable motions of our moments, lives times lives                  
Open my heart
To the hungry and to those who grow and gather food                                                                       
To the homeless and to those who build and give shelter                                                   
To the poor and to those who have more than they need                                                   
To the sick and to all healers                           
Open My Heart                                                                                                      
To those who live in fear and to those who live in faith
And those who live in fear   
Open my heart
To those who love me and comfort me; to those I love
To those who vex and trouble me       
Open my heart
To the Silence who holds all this; who holds us through all this                                               
To the Living Silence  I dwell within; who dwells in me   
Open my heart  
To the Holy Spirit in whom I dwell; Holy spirit  Who dwells in me
Be my heart

Lindsay Bowker for fellow contemplative Anne Cushman
Cove Meadow  October 2009

I posted this out of my archive of meditations in connection with a current post on TED and also on my blog http://www.lindsaynewlandbowker.posterous.com/ exploring whether there are  global values that we share as a world community.

How the Light Works
Every time we sit in meditation silencing our conscious minds, especially if we sit with others, we create the possibility of opening the portal within us that is pure consciousness.  That is, we create the possibility within us of fusing wisdom and intuition.  We create the possibility within us and amongst us that we will not just observe what is but will be able to participate in the creation of what will be. We create the possibility of transcending the intellects predilection to and preoccupation with,  what is illumined and are able to form the possibility of acting from within the light itself.  But it is only through the action that we can realize that possibility and become actual participants in creating  what will be that we actually become the creation.  Consciousness must result in action to have an effect in shaping what will be.
Lindsay Newland Bowker
Cove Meadow
April 2009

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